32 Things Already Done

So Fresca hauled off and made a nifty list of things to do also, and in my comments she said something about making a list of wishes she fulfilled. And then Jenny made a mighty fine list, which also contains one or two things I’ve done. And that got me thinking: what would a list of 32 Things Already Done look like? What have I already done that counts toward an interesting life? Let’s find out, hmmm?
1. I was born Southern. This was a major step.
2. Persisted through a life-threatening disease.
3. Became quite deaf. Learned to deal with that.
4. Relearned how to walk twice. Relearned how to talk once.
5. Dropped out of high school to go to college.
6. Eventually finished the BAs. After 10 years.
7. Fell in love. Fell in love again.
8. Fell in love with the right person.
9. Learned to travel alone. (Fell in love with New Orleans and Chicago.)
10. Learned to bake bread.
11. Learned to cook in an exploratory fashion.
12. Worked for a religious organization not my own and learned that religion reasonably well.
13. Been to a huge-ass blues festival in the Delta. Twice.
14. Traveled outside my own country for the first time.
15. Looked for Nessie.
16. Slept in a castle.
17. Overcame my American aversion to organ meats and ate haggis.
18. Looked for Bigfoot.
19. Moved to another section of my own country with a very different culture.
20. Realized childhood dreams of living somewhere with consistent snow.
21. Became digitally literate.
22. Taught others digital literacy.
23. Learned some ways to think about all of that. And be critical of the thinking, and ways of doing that.
24. Found a vocation.
25. Grew a garden. Learned I can do something difficult in memory of someone else.
26. Stood under a redwood tree and bonded with it.
27. Gotten a multi-stage tattoo.
28. Been to beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
29. Visited both ends of the Mississippi. (And also walked across it on a night when temperatures were in the single-digits and the moon was full.)
30. Spoken to a standing-room only crowd.
31. Visited aquariums on all four sides of the country.
32. Spent endless nights on a porch swing (handmade by my great-grandpa) with a glass of sweet tea, talking to my parents and to friends.

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