Recipe Project #21: Honey Roasted Apricots

Honey Roasted Apricots

This is hardly complicated enough to count as a recipe, but I hadn’t made it before so I’m counting it.

Step 1: Buy some beautiful looking apricots that turn out to be not so juicy and not so sweet. Realize that if you don’t fix them, they’ll rot on the counter.
Step 2: Remember that several months ago you read about roasting apricots with honey and tarragon on Gluten Free Girl and the Chef.
Step 3: Since the oven is already on for one of Mr. Husband’s potato experiments, halve the apricots, drizzle with honey that a colleague gave you last year, and throw the whole thing in the oven. I didn’t have tarragon and wasn’t sure basil would work. Also, it was humid outside and that was where the basil was.
Step 4: Take ’em out when they look done. Become mildly intoxicated by smell. Cool and eat, alone or with yogurt or on ice cream. The end.

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  1. fresca says:

    Heavenly. These would go well with my homemade yogurt…
    if I could bear to turn the oven on.
    (I love apricots.)

    I enjoyed reading the summary of your time in the UK, below. THanks!

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