Recipe Project #35 & 36: La Creperie. Sort of.

The last few years of grad school, Compatriot G. and I would meet once each week for writer-talk and food. In this way, we got ourselves through exams, dissertation prospecti and defenses, a whole bunch of proposals, countless syllabi, job market materials, and a couple of defended dissertations. We continue to do this for each other now, passing book and chapter proposals back and forth in gDocs. (Grad students, when I say you really oughta find a writing buddy, this is why. Amongst other reasons.) We also cooked our way through countless breakfasts. Also some lunches and dinners, but mostly breakfasts. And many of those breakfasts included crepes, which are a Compatriot G specialty. I never even presumed to learn how to make them at the time, even though he shared the recipe, because they were so totally his thing. I showed up with blueberries for compote and sometimes with apple-champagne sausages, and he always had a batch of crepe batter rested and ready to go.

A year after we defended and moved (me to CNY and him to Michigan), I was completely crepe deprived. So I dug through the email archive all the way back to 2007, which is when he sent me the recipe. And my Lord, these things are just as easy to make as he said they were. I made up a batch of blueberry compote and ate the equivalent of a short stack of crepes for breakfast. It was totally not the same, and also an epiphany.

(I haven’t included the recipe because it feels like it’s not really mine to share. But it’s pretty similar to this one, only dairy-free.)

Around the same time, I also played around with a recipe for Scallion Pancakes like this one. They’re just as easy to make, and take the crepe in a savory direction that’s suited for a variety of asian foods. At the time, I served them alongside something (not sure what, since it’s been a couple of months), but the next time around it’ll be chili shrimp, or the mushroom filling recipe in the link.

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