Recipe Project #50 & 51: Crunchy Baked Pork Chops and Risotto alla Milanese

(I made these around the first of the year, but am just now catching up on Recipe Project posts.)

Served with a vegetable, this is just a more refined version of food many of us remember from family dinners: Shake N Bake and Rice-A-Roni. It’s warm and comforting, and you can make it as organic and local as you want.

The pork chops are from yet another Cook’s Illustrated recipe, and thus behind a firewall. You make breadcrumbs in the usual way: broken-up bread tossed with shallots, thyme, pepper, and olive oil, then toasted in the oven until golden. The pork chops get dipped in flour, then a paste of mustard and egg whites, and then the crumbs. Then they go into the oven on a rack, so that the entire chop gets crunchy. Another blogger has nicely posted the recipe over here.

I loved the risotto, which was part of our Using Up Rice Initiative, but Mr. Husband wasn’t so fond of it. (The saffron was a little old, having moved with us from Minnesota. Perhaps that was part of the problem.) I was pleased to find that Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian is available via GoogleBooks, and is thus linkable and embeddable. (It’s worth poking around in, since it’s both a gorgeous and useful book.) Here you go:

You might serve all this with steamed veggies. Or you might saute some garlic in butter, add steamed green beans, and stir it all around with a bit of lemon. Or you might roast some brussels sprouts or broccoli at the same time you’re cooking the pork chops.

Possibilities abound. I’m definitely making this again.

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