Recipe Project #59-61: Lemonliciousness

This semester has never let up since the day it started. I’ve been cooking anyway, but am way behind on Recipe Project posts. Here are three quick links to some citrus experiments I’ve been playing with, lest the dregs of citrus season pass on by before I post them. I picked up some lovely examples of each of these fruits one day at Wegman’s and then brought them all home to figure out what to do with them.

I have a batch of Thomas Keller’s Cured Lemons sitting in the fridge now. They’re about 10 days old and look great. The recipe is super-easy to put together, assuming you don’t mind fine-slicing a sack of lemons.

I also have a jar of Gingery Lime Pickle fermenting in my study window. I started it the same day I put up the lemons, so it’ll be ready right about the end of the semester. I popped the lid this morning to let some pressure out and it smelled absolutely fantastic, so I have high hopes. The blog it comes from, Tigress In A Pickle, is one of several preserving blogs I’ve recently added to the feedreader.

And as I type, I have Meyer Lemon Cake from the always-spot-on Smitten Kitchen in the oven. I’ve been curious about Meyers for years but never before managed to catch the extremely short season. The house smells fantastic and the batter was highly lickable, so we await this in great anticipation.

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