Recipe Project #86-87: nekkid Christmas cookies

Naked because we are rarely in the mood for frosting and spangles and hoo-ha (although we love it when other people make these things and give them to us, or when we go to bakeries and are in awe of the pastry chef’s skill. Note to locals: visit Patisserie in Skaneateles.) What counts about these cookies is what’s on the inside: good-quality butter and flavorings. I made both of these in half-batches and then refrigerated the dough. This made it easy to bake up a few cookies each night over the course of a week rather than having 50 cookies waiting around for immediate consumption.

Norwegian Butter Cookies from Gourmet circa 1983. These came about in a very low-brow way. As I’ve written about before here, it ain’t all local this and organic that all the time around here. Mr. Husband went questing for a blue tin of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, which are a bit harder to find here in CNY than they are in any of the places we’ve previously lived. When he came home empty-handed, I made a half-batch from this recipe. It was totally not the same but also quite good.

I also made Smitten Kitchen’s gingersnaps with the addition of the optional fresh-grated ginger. It was okay, but next time I decide to make gingersnaps I’ll be looking for something a bit more stout since that’s just the way our tastes run.

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