50 Before 50 #32: Visit Niagara Falls

Why? Because growing up in the mid-south, it was always something far away, up north, elsewhere. It comes up quite a bit in the American cultural consciousness, enough to pop up every few years in movies, TV, books. Especially if you were a kid watching late-afternoon television on Saturdays in the early 80s.

Now we live about four hours away. S. came to town last summer, and away we went:

Shannon & Krista
Photo by Mr. Husband

She also captured a rare photo of Mr. Husband in the wild. Even rarer: smiling.

Krista and Jeff Journey Behind the Falls
Photo by Shannon

Then we got on a boat and sailed right up to the edge of the falls. They’re amazing as they should be, whether you have a direct or mediated experience:

Maid of the Mist
Photo by Mr. Husband

So: Niagara Falls, done. Great company and worth the experience, even if I’m only getting around to blogging it seven months after the fact.

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  2. Greg says:

    Man, that’s a great advert to visit. Must see this. Surely there’s a museum attached right?

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