Running the Numbers: 9, 36, 3, 10, 10, 10, 70

Here in the relative lull of Spring Break, it occurred to me that I’d not done my usual posts about blogiversaries and birthdays and such, and that there are also some approaching milestones. And since I lately have cared less about social media and begun to miss my blog more, here’s the stats for each.

The blog turned nine on January 2nd, and I have held to my tradition of still not having any consistent idea of what it’s about. I celebrated (once I remembered) by installing the WP Word Count plugin, which produced interesting (to me) results. I would have thought that 1,821 posts would add up to more than 326,959 words, but then again they’re all less than 1500 words and my posting rate has seriously dropped over the past three years.

I turned 36 a week and a half ago, and so far like it very much. I’ve never been 36 before. I spent the day supporting a colleague who had the fortitude to be giving two lectures that day, one to a roomful of jittery untenured faculty from across the university and one to the SU RSA Chapter (which is finishing a pretty darn successful first year, so there’s another number.) If you’re going to work on your birthday, this is the way to do it: trotting around campus on a sunny day with a very smart friend while nodding and chatting and learning. She did a great job and I had a great time, and then I took the whole next day off to celebrate not just my birthday but also the completion of my third year review.

This year also marks several 10s for me: ten years since I left my industry gig and went to grad school full time and ten years of teaching (during which I’ve taught approximately 650 students). It took a long time for me to make the decision for such a big change, but I’ve never regretted it for a day. I was just telling Mr. Husband yesterday that in spite of having been continuously employed for all that time, I really feel like I quit my job and never got another one. The old cliche is true: if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. In my case, I just get to keep going to school and talking about interesting things with interesting people, and those are my very favorite things to do in the world.

Relatedly, in late October the guy I met that first semester in a queer theory seminar and I will have our tenth anniversary. (2002 was a big year in my life.) It’s been a pretty marvelous decade together, and celebratory plans are afoot.

And today, it is 70 degrees and sunny. Which is hardly, hardly normal for mid-March in the Snowiest City. I’ve been in a rather grumbly mood about the shortness and mildness of this winter, and this morning received a generally kind spousal lecture about living in the present and working with what you have. So I have been outside to survey the garden, come back inside and flung open windows, turned the last of the frozen rhubarb into compote, and am determined to embrace spring.

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