Right Now

:: waiting for a chapter handoff from my co-author, who will then begin waiting on me.
:: guessing how long it will take to finish the current article.
:: wondering what the new-to-me tentacle-sucker shaped fungi is that is growing beside the back door in a pile of mulch.
:: loving that a couple of honeymooning friends dropped in on us this week for an overnight stay.
:: anticipating berry picking, which I’m determined to get to one day this week.
:: listening to a ton of old Dread Zeppelin.
:: counting the heads of garlic I’ll pull this week, and pondering what I’ll put in their place. Another row of carrots, maybe another row of cabbages. Maybe late season peas to train up the fence.
:: reading My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume One, 1915-1933. Sarah Greenough has done a masterful job of editing these. A month of bedtime reading has gotten me 500 pages in, with another 300 or 400 to go.
:: hoping that this year’s tomatoes will produce.
:: believing that I’m going to get back to the book manuscript any second now.
:: making progress with the preserving initiative. The freezer and canning cabinet are slowly beginning to fill.
:: confirming that the red currant bush will in fact grow on the north side of the house (and would even prefer to be put there.)
:: thinking that I’ve become someone I wasn’t previously, but always meant to be. Aside from the gardening, I am suddenly a person who bakes decent bread with little thought or stress.
:: doing a whole lot of outlining.
:: deciding what sort of interactions with the world will be fruitful during this research leave. Learning all the time.
:: wanting more words on the page.

(Right Now list via SouleMama.)

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