Recipe Project #124 – 136 : Late summer and early fall preserving

When I thought I’d do a little preserving this year, I imagined that I’d do a few jars of jam, some basic pickles, and that’d pretty much be it. But there’s something about seeing all those jewel-like jars all lined up on the shelves, and so I just kept going in the late afternoons after the day’s writing was done.

A lot of things here are from the canonical Ball Book of Preserving, which seems to have cracked down on unauthorized digital editions since the last time I posted a canning roundup. When other bloggers have posted the recipe, I’ve linked to them. Still, it’s a book worth having if you’re into this sort of thing.

1. Pickled Okra from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
2. Garlic Dill Chips from Food in Jars
3. Shredded Kohlrabi Quick Pickles from Serious Eats. I ended up with one jar of white and one jar of purple. It’s great in a bowl of udon.

4. Salsa Verde from Local Kitchen. Next time, I will halve the onion, double the lime, and up the heat.
5. Chipotle Tomato Salsa from Local Kitchen. Nicely smokey.
6. (Not So) Spicy Tomato Salsa from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. This is probably spicy enough for most people, but our tolerance for heat has changed a lot over the past few years. Since I don’t want to alter the acid ratio on this one by removing any low-acid ingredients, I’ll just continue adding more spice to the jar after we open it.

Jams and Syrups:
7. Plum and Star Anise Jam from Food in Jars. This is a near-perfectly balanced jam, adored by everyone except Mr. Husband. I served it to house guests last week and most of a jar was snarfled in a single breakfast. I only made two jars this year, but will make much, much more in the future.
8. Peach Jam from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

Other Items, all from the Ball Book unless otherwise indicated:
9. Apple Sauce (made with 1/2 cup of sugar and rather more lemon juice than called for)
10. Raw-packed Peaches in Light Syrup
11. Sweet Cherries in Syrup
12. ChowChow (unsuccessful. So far, this is the only thing we’ve thrown out.)
13. Herbes Salees from Well Preserved. This stuff is amazing, and next year I will make a ton of it. It’s handy to have on hand any time you’d normally add herbs and salt to a dish, which means we’re using it in beans, in sauces, in meat rubs, and whenever else it seems apropos.

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  1. rr says:

    I had to look up the word “snarfle”. Yes, that would be about right. It was peerless. Thank goodness Mr Husband doesn’t like it was well otherwise there’d have been an unseemly scuffle.

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