Bedtime Reading, 2012

Posted nearly six months into 2013, because that’s how this year has gone so far. Apparently, I now read biographies, nonfiction, and books about food to the exclusion of nearly everything else when left to my own devices.

Gaiman, Neil. Adventures in the Dream Trade.
—. Stardust.
—. The Graveyard Book.
—. Neverwhere.
Slater, Nigel. Eating for England.
—. Tender.
—. Tender II.
Standish, David. Hollow Earth.
Greenough, Sarah. My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz.
Drohojowska-Philip, Hunter. Full Bloom: The Art and Life of Georgia O’Keefe.
Hamilton, Gabrielle. Blood, Bones, and Butter.
Summers, Andy. One Train Later.
Smith, Sally Bedell. Elizabeth the Queen.
Young, Neil. Waging Heavy Peace.
Townshend, Pete. Who I Am.
Bechdel, Alison. Fun House.
—. Are You My Mother?
Chernow, Burt. XTO+J-C: An Authorized Biography.
Kritsick, Stephen. Creature Comforts.
Turkel, Sherry. Evocative Objects.
Marchetto, Marisa. Cancer Vixen.
Gruber, Ruth. Witness.
Clarissa Dickson Wright, A History of English Food.
—. Spilling the Beans.
—. Rifling Through My Drawers.
Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott, Clarissa and the Countryman
—. Clarissa and the Countryman Sally Forth.
—. A Greener Life.

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