Day 1: citizen media coverage of anti-RNC activist raids in Twin Cities

There have been at least five police raids on anti-RNC protester houses today, at least some of which appear to involve questionable warrant procedures, and one group of protesters was detained at the Canadian border. The producer for Democracy Now said in an interview (linked below) that once she refused police entrance to her apartment since the warrant was for two doors down, they entered the listed apartment and then went through the attic to her own residence, entering through the bedroom ceiling with machine guns drawn.
Since I’m not grabbing the cameras and heading out on the street, I figure the least I can do is link the ongoing citizen journalism reports of anti-activist and anti-journalist raids here to drive up the Google ranks and spread the news. WCCO briefly covered it on the 5 pm broadcast, along with a story on the National Lawyers Guild training program for citizen documentation of police abuse. But the national news stations — all of whom have correspondent teams camped out in the city — didn’t mention it at all, so far as I know.
The Minnesota Independent:
Protesters meeting space raided by Ramsey County
Ramsey County sheriff issues statement on raid
Sheriff anticipates arresting thousands during 2008 RNC
Crackdown begins: Food Not Bombs house among Saturday raids
Warrant at Food Not Bombs house sought bombs, feces, razor wire (The warrant covers such basic items as nails, screws, bricks, computers, “media in whatever form,” and digital camera equipment. All of which can be used in weapons in a protest, but also all of which are common household items. Which makes it totally permissible to raid pretty much anyone with this kind of warrant list.)
Police searches turn up weapons and other devices to disrupt traffic
Reports of additional Pre-RNC raids in St. Paul still arriving
RNC Welcoming Committee detained, denied entry at Canadian border
Anti-RNC activists respond to police raids; convergence space reopens
RNC Welcoming Committee unbowed by raids
Members of raided houses speak out
Oh no, the anarchists are coming: media scare tactics unfounded, Anti-RNC groups say
The Uptake’s reporters have been following the raids and streaming video live from their phones. You can find the Twitter feed here:
Police swarm Earth Justice bus in St. Paul
Police detain Democracy Now
Police enter house
Lawyers in handcuffs
Tour of raided protester HQ
Inside the RNC Protest Center
Police detain journalists
Police bust through attic to detain Democracy Now producer
National Lawyer’s Guild: police raid “preventive detention”
Police make no arrests after raiding RNC Journalist home
Police raid in St. Paul of Green Party Activists’ home
Police bolt doors at RNC Protest Organizing Center
Homeland Security vans head to RNC protester house raid in St. Paul
Twin Cities Daily Planet:
Big Green Bus arrested
Journalists targeted by FBI in St. Paul
Ramsey County sheriff raids homes in South Minneapolis
Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting
Detained Glass Bead videographer on policing in the age of YouTube
It can’t happen here? It already has.
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