5 Responses to three fall cakes

  1. Sal says:

    If I didn’t ruin ANYTHING baking related just by walking into the kitchen, I’d make that ginger cake. Mmmm, ginger.

  2. ls says:

    Oh, YUM. I am SO making that cranberry cake this weekend! I don’t usually think I should fool with recipes until I’ve at least made ’em a few times. But I have this recipe, from a British cookbook, for a cranberry torte that I’ve made twice–it always smells and tastes divine but somehow completely, heartbreakingly fails in the batter to berry ratio…you just hafta kind of scrap it out of the pan, so I think I’m gonna exhange the cinnamon for cardamom and see what I get. Thanks for posting these!

  3. fresca says:

    Can I come over for dinner? Or, rather, dessert?

  4. ls says:

    Just wanted to report that the cranberry cake came out terrific…and with no tears! (Despite having read these comments, my better half came into the kitchen, saw the cranberries in the pan, and said, alarmed, This isn’t the one that always makes you cry, is it? )

  5. Krista says:

    Yay! We here at Thinkery are all about the no-tears baking. If it makes me cry, I ain’t gonna do it. (Sadly, this means that my yeast experience is not as extensive as it could be, so that policy cuts both ways.)
    Fresca: I am baking it myself this week, since I’ve got a bag of local cranberries in the fridge. You should make arrangements to get some.

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