Chiles rellenos!

Homemade chile rellenos + refried beans

So I attempted homemade chiles rellenos for dinner, and it turns out they’re not all that hard to make. I ran poblanos under the broiler to blacken, stuck them in a bag for a few minutes, and removed the skin. Then I cut a slit, stripped the seed heads out (from the inside — you want to keep the stems), and stuffed the remains with queso blanco. I dipped them in this batter* and fried them up. (The batter is persnickety, since the egg whites deflate fast. Be quick.) Do them in whatever size batch fits your pan and keep them in a hot oven while you’re frying the rest.
The sauce is two dried chiles nuevo mexico, reconstituted and whirled around with some of the soaking water, a small onion, and half a tomato. When the rellenos are almost done, fry the sauce in a bit of olive oil. Then plate everything. Serve with hot flour tortillas on the side.
I sort of doubted that there was any way to make these outside of a restaurant, but they turned out pretty well. I’ll definitely make them again.
*The rest of the recipe is just silly, but the batter works and the comments do a lot to rehabilitate the recipe itself.

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